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Interpub Ventures strongly believe that the business values and ethics are the main pillars of its long existence. Keeping these principles in mind, the management of Interpub Ventures has so far undertaken many CSR activities, and always give prominence to business values and ethics, as the most important aspects of the business that will continue to act as the driving force behind our existence.
We always take initiative in times of natural disasters and extend the fullest support towards those who are effected by droughts, flood, landslides, cyclones and Tsunami. Our CSR activities comprise of both planned and unplanned events/activities depending on the circumstances.

Religious Activities

We conduct the business activities based on the religious principles and believe strongly that we have a responsibility towards the society. We are fortunate to have the blessings of many temples and the chief incumbent of all such temples located in different parts of the Country and always get invited to take part in major religious observances/activities.

Social Activities during the Covid 19 Pandemic

We recently donated a sum of Rs. 100,000/- to the Health Care & Social Security Fund while extending our financial assistance in numerous ways to the financially effected low income families living in the surrounding areas.

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